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Here’s some answers to some of the most common questions my clients ask me.
If you don’t see the information you need here,then email or call me. I’m more than happy to address your specific situation. I will be adding more FAQ’s all the time, so send me your questions! I believe in educating my clients so they are fully informed on all aspects of their project from start to finish.Every job is unique, as are your needs!

No we charge by the job.
Every job is different. In order to give you
an accurate estimate there are many
factors I have to consider; The type of
wallpaper, amount of wall preparation,
architecture of the room, size of the job.
etc. While I may be able to give you a
range of price over the phone in order to
give you a price in writing I need to
measure and evaluate your job in person,
*There is no charge for a consultation.


Measure the perimeter of your room
Multiply that figure by the height
Do not deduct windows or doors
With allowing for enough wallpaper you
won’t have to “piece”
Multiplying width by height gives you the
square footage
Example a room 10′ X 10′ with 8′ ceilings would be
10+ 10+ 10+10=40 X 8 = 320 square feet
Give that number to us along with the
pattern number and manufacturer of the                                                                            wallpaper and will ensure you purchase
the correct amount of wallpaper.
*You can also call or text us for a free
estimate at your home. It’s important for
us to know the exact wallpaper you intend
use to provide you an accurate quote.

*You can also call or text us at (949) 235-4264 for a free
estimate at your home. It’s important for
us to know the exact wallpaper you intend
use to provide you an accurate quote.


It is always preferred to remove the
existing wall covering. Any time you take a
chance and hang over the old paper, you
are gambling with your NEW wall
covering! We just don’t think it is worth the
• The original adhesive wasn’t designed
to hold two layers of wall covering;
layers may release from the wall.
• The moisture content in the new paste
may cause the old wallpaper to bubble
or lift.
• The old seams could also lift, and then
show through.
• The old pattern may “shadow” through.
• Some may want to hang over the old
wallpaper from the get go, but this truly
is the last resort

Remember one very important
rule, ALWAYS PRIME. Before hanging, use
a primer specifically made for use under
wallcoverings. Priming offers the best
insurance to a terrific job.
Sizing doesn’t seal the surface so in the
future, there could be some major drywall
damage upon removal.
A good quality primer will actually seal the
wall surface, creating a more structurally
stable area for the wall covering to bond
to. Sizing, is really just watered down
A few dollars more for a quality
primer rather than a wall size, is money
well spent.
Builders flat must be primed AND sealed
before installing wallpaper.

In new construction, builders use a paint
which the industry calls “builders flat”. It is
a minimum quality flat paint used on walls
and ceilings of both low and high end, new
construction. The paint serves to get the
homeowner moved in. It is very porous and
chalky….. Not a good surface for wall
covering. Applying wall covering over
this very porous surface can allow paste to
travel into the facing of the drywall, making
later removal very difficult, if not

Your wallpaper will be professionally
installed by myself or my son Tyler.

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